T ++

With ” T++ House” Projeffes will, in a practical and professional way, materialize your dream house according to your financial requirements.



We have at your disposal a certified and experienced engineer to advise you on the adequate value of your property.



Harea works with banking institutions, making it possible to simplify the finance approval process.


Energy Certificates

Having an energy certificate is the property owner’s responsibility and it is obligatory.


Additionally, the publication of properties (which are either meant to be sold or rented), requires the indication of the energy class level of the building or fraction, in all the advertisements.

If you are to rent a house, the energy certificate is the owner’s responsibility. The owner should make the energy certificate available before the signing of contracts.


This information comes from: http://www.adene.pt/quem-deve-realizar



Projeffes has an unconditional partnership with Harea. With 10 years’ experience in the construction business, Projeffes has established an excellent reputation by creating a work model that tracks the evolution of the market, offering the client the security and service they deserve.